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Mori is an Iranian man on the quest for discovery, intuition and learning, which is evident in his  world-view and lifestyle. 


He started working when he was 14 years old, and experienced various jobs (from manual labor  in the market to positions in large and prestigious companies), until he met a Master at the age of  20, who transformed his world-view, and portrayed a completely different perspective for him.  That was when he learned about yoga trainer programs, and regularly attended different courses  and workshops about yoga, massage and energy therapy, engaging in them more seriously and  deeply as he progressed. At the same time, he also began participating in yoga professional courses  and competitions, which sparked his journeys as well. 

Mori started travelling first to different Iranian cities, and then to other countries, feeling an  increasing enthusiasm and desire for yoga and travelling at the same time, and becoming ever more  confident that he was treading in the right path of his interest. He has thus spent days and nights  in pursuit of exploring and comprehending the nature and universe ever since.  

In countries such as India, Nepal, and the like, he received meaningful, long and contemplative  experiences, not in ordinary conditions, but in the heart of nature, away from the urban life and  everyday welfare facilities, in total primitive conditions, and extreme hardship, which  revolutionized his perspective toward the world, people, culture and traditions.

Consequently, Mori became acquainted with a new world, he grew beyond himself, and his life became a meditation, a gift, a cycle of challenges and then a return to balance. 

Since 2009, Mori has been a yoga trainer, masseur / bodywork practitioner, and energy therapist. Music has also become an inseparable part of his life, with music therapy playing an integral role in his work and interests. 

Mori has dedicated his life to healing, instructing, and sharing his experiences and knowledge with others, and he strives to spread self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-therapy to everyone he meets across the globe; this is his path and objective.



Mori holds a fire in his hands, and he hopes to spread it with the utmost passion all over the world.

His world is thus filled with love, friendship, light, color and life.