Inspired by the experience of attending numerous festivals in different countries, assisting in holding various ones, and meeting countless people in the field, Mori decided to hold his own festival in 2020.

He thus channeled his staggering experience into founding the “Back to Balance” Festival.

The Festival includes attractive programs for all age groups, from children to adults (and any individuals that seek the light), and can be performed in 1 to 5 days.

Programs such as workshops, music, dance, sports, therapy, massage, small markets, and the like are conducted in the Festival.

Mori’s decision to hold his own festival was formed when he realised he could create a festival to gather people together, so that their hearts could become intimate in an environment where they could find their true selves and get in touch with their feelings, to generate real love.

The participants in the Festival will understand that there are other things to gather around for, and learn the life of awareness and health, because we are not alone, but members of a group and society, and that could be a home for all of us.

Mori has strived hard to achieve that goal and has been able to hold his festival in an amazing way.

Another goal he pursues strongly is being a source and guide for all individuals that seek the light and awareness, so that we could have a world filled with love, composure, unity and peace.