Inspired by the experience of attending and helping others organize and set up various festivals, and after having met countless people in the field, Mori decided to hold his own festival in 2020, the “Back To Balance Festival"

The festival included attractive programs for all age groups, ranging from children to adults, and could be attended over 1 to 5 days. 

Everybody has different keys to unlock the door that leads to that path. For some it is
Yoga, Meditation or Breathwork, and for some others its Dancing, Fitness or Spiritual
Embodiment workshops.
Many people lost the connection to themselves, especially while living in the city. So
many impulses, lights and distractions, and one of the strongest factors- the stress
brought us the disbalance that is displayed throughout our society. We are creating a
movement that establishes a different path: the path of the heart, health & consciousness.
We are looking forward to offering an opening ceremony with live concert,  Different
workshops, a liberation dance with cacao ceremony and a colorful program for children.
There will be a delicious vegetarian/vegan buffet for you incl. a waterbar with various
essential oils, a bazar and will have the opportunity to take advantage of individual
treatments such as various massages, energy healings and other sessions in the healing


           Mori’s vision was to gather people together in an intimate environment where they could reconnect with their true selves, get in touch with their feelings, and generate real love.


He wanted to transmit higher awareness and optimal health to the attendees because we humans are not alone, but rather members of a group and of society.  We can co-create an environment which cultivates a feeling of home and unity for all of us.  


The festival was a success, and Mori has continued striving towards being a source and guide for all individuals that seek the light and awareness, so that we may live  in a world filled with love, compassion, unity, and peace.