Since early childhood, Mori has loved music. Hearing instruments being played soothed his soul, and he would drum rhythms on anything nearby until he became familiar with actual percussion instruments such as Daf, a Middle Eastern frame drum, gaining a wider view into the realm of music and stepping into the infinite universe of art.

He started playing additional instruments such as the setar, the dutar, the Jew’s harp, the flute, the hang drum, and he also sought out native and local instruments during his journeys to different cities and countries.





Mori would become familiar with a new instrument, learn to play it, and then would immerse himself in the music and sound of that instrument.  He came to realize that music is the one common language of all human beings, encompassing the range and depth of human emotion.

Mori experiences the playing of each instrument deeply; it is a not only a gift to Mother Nature but also a conveyor of and channel for energy. 

Mori has not received formal, academic instruction in music, and he plays each instrument from the heart, inspired by nature and through endless practice and perseverance.  


He is a follower of nature, and his life revolves around energy, love and music. That is how he has  achieved beauty and peace in the world.


Nowadays, Mori uses music therapy in his classes.  His music therapy rituals carry the energy for healing, awareness, peace, and connection to Mother Nature.  Music therapy awakens suppressed emotions and reopens the window of love and hope into people’s hearts.


"Mori sees music as a journey, travelling to the extremes of heaven and earth, and he believes it to be the key to human liberation."