In 2009 and after meeting his Master in yoga classes, Mori commenced his activity and learning in this field. 

He soon reached the trainer level due to his enthusiasm and tireless practice, and was acquainted with a world he has been exploring and seeking ever since, without relenting his attempts for learning and advancing more. 

Mori is a Master now, but still considers himself to be a trainee, whose learning knows no limit or end. In his classes and instructions, he tries to use his entire previous experiences and learnings, such as traditional yoga, martial arts and endurance exercises, sharing them with his trainees, with the aim of showing them the path for further familiarity and closeness with Mother Nature. 

He has discovered and understood the world in a different manner, and has adopted his own unique style. He likes the others to reach growth and perfection as well, in the similar manner that he himself experienced it. 

He likes to share all these capabilities with everybody. 

He is a lover, cherishing Mother Earth, Nature, and fellow human beings, and strives his best to assist them in reaching the light and passion. 

He seeks new methods in yoga instruction, and creating novel kinetic and therapeutic techniques, which would be helpful for individuals with less activity and capacity, such as combining yoga therapy moves, combining massage and seated yoga moves for all age groups, like physical health for children, body maintenance for office workers, senior citizens with limited motility, and the like. 

Such methods could be utilised in all conditions and stages of the life. 

Mori Yoga

Is a combination of traditional hatha yoga, martial arts and animal movement. It increases the motion range and strengthens body awareness. With flexibility and balance we explore all different kinds of emotions, power and possibilities of movement on the yoga mat. This trains every muscle in your body and gives you more than just physical strength; it brings you back to balance in mind, body, and soul.

Yoga as a therapy is the use of “asanas” as a gentle form of exercise and relaxation, applied specifically with the intention of improving health. This may involve meditation, imagery, breath work “pranayama” and music alongside the exercise.

Yoga is everything what you do in daily life, like sitting, standing, sleeping. Is the art of living and helps with becoming more aware of the natural changes in life.